Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jig for Cutting Veneer

This 1/4" x 4' x 2' plywood veneer cutting board is backed with 22 gauge steel. Using this configuration with a straight edge and Magswitches aids in holding the veneer down and stabilizing the straight edge.

The photo below shows the cutting board in use with the white melamine straight edge. Hardwood would be a better choice of materials for a straight edge.  The straight edge used is 40" long and 4" wide with five 40mm holes for Magswitches.  I recommend creating several other sizes of straight edges to handle your cutting requirements.  The two smaller straight edges I have are 10" and 24" long.

Closer view of straight edge

This is the 24" straightedge clamping the edge of the veneer along the bottom of the cutting board in order to sand the edge square. I used the 2" x 2" x 18" extruded alunimum tube with 220 grit sandpaper adhered to one side to sand the edge (pictured at lower left of photo).

The bottom of each straight edge is covered with
120 grit sandpaper to reduce movement.

The steel sheet can be seen in this view.  The two surfaces were glued together with spray adhesive to form a temporary bond.  Should the cutting surface wear out it can be easily replaced.

Top view of one corner.  The 22 gauge steel sheet was slightly larger that the plywood.  I recommend rounding the corners of the steel.  It would help you save on band-aids.

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