Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Remote CNC Stop and Monitor

This project provides an inexpensive means of remotely performing a STOP (ALT+S) to Mach3. This is accomplished with a Raspberry Pi (RPi) + Camera connected to a PC via a USB cable. Monitoring and activating the STOP on the CNC is done with a video streaming web application running on the RPi. Using this solution should be done at your own risk. I highly recommend contacting the manufacturer of your CNC, and purchase and install the recommended remote emergency stop specified.

Full instruction can be found at Remote CNC Stop and Monitor.

Note: This is not the same as an Emergency Stop (EStop) wired into your CNC control panel, but the execution of a hotkey to perform a STOP of Mach3.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Woodturning Live Center with Collet Chuck and Drawbar

Live Center with Collet Chuck and Drawbar holding a spindle.

Turning long slender spindles on a wood lathe is a challenging task which can result in poor finishes due to vibration and chatter. Results can be improved when the stock is stiffened to reduce work piece deflection from tool pressure or compressive forces from the tailstock. Steady rest can provide this support, but are not practical when using a lathe duplicator. One method of stiffening the work piece is to hold it firmly on both ends and place it in tension. As a result, longer and thinner spindles can be turned with better results.

My solution for holding work pieces in tension combines a Chuck with Spigot Jaws on the headstock with a Collet Chuck, Live Center and Drawbar on the tailstock.

Instructions for this technique can be found at Woodturning Slender Spindles.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Digital Vacuum Regulator

This is a Veneer Vacuum Press (Vacuum Pump) which has been modified with a Digital Vacuum Regulator to operate with a selectable vacuum pressure. This device is a replacement for the Vacuum Controller in my DIY Veneer Vacuum Press built with plans from VeneerSupplies.com or JoeWoodworking.com. These are great plans and the pumps operate very satisfactorily as designed. However, I'm a tinkerer, and I wanted to enhance my pump with the ability to easily and readily control the pressure settings (without a screw driver) over a wider range of pressures with a digitally controlled regulator.

Instructions for the project can be found at Digital Vacuum Regulator on Instructables.