Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Woodturning Live Center with Collet Chuck and Drawbar

Live Center with Collet Chuck and Drawbar holding a spindle.

Turning long slender spindles on a wood lathe is a challenging task which can result in poor finishes due to vibration and chatter. Results can be improved when the stock is stiffened to reduce work piece deflection from tool pressure or compressive forces from the tailstock. Steady rest can provide this support, but are not practical when using a lathe duplicator. One method of stiffening the work piece is to hold it firmly on both ends and place it in tension. As a result, longer and thinner spindles can be turned with better results.

My solution for holding work pieces in tension combines a Chuck with Spigot Jaws on the headstock with a Collet Chuck, Live Center and Drawbar on the tailstock.

Instructions for this technique can be found at Woodturning Slender Spindles.

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