Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CNC Carved Spoons and Spatuloons

These spoons were my first two sided project
attempted on my CNC Router.
Spoons provided me a challenge to create a two sided project to practice and learn the skills necessary to attempt my Continuous Arm Windsor Chair Seat with CNC Router project.  My first attempt at cutting out spoons was with 3D models purchased from TurboSquid, and proved to be satisfactory for my test purposes as well as practical cooking utensil.  However, I wasn't satisfied with someone else's design, so I created my on with Blender.

Blender design of my Spatuloon
I created a spoon with a flat tip, which is handy for scrapping the pan, and a shallow dip to satisfy the "spoon" part of the design.  This type of design has been called many things, but I refer to it as a Spatuloon (Spatula + Spoon).  Here's the finished piece.

Hickory or Pecan Spatuloon

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Unknown said...

Your work is very impressive and motivating to act. I am a beginner user of a CNC router and like you, I want to start by making spoons. I like your Spatuloon (Spatula + Spoon). I would be very grateful if you share this project with me in a friendly CNC machine form, for example .stl.

Thank you for your help.
Boguslaw from Poland

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